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Back Pain

At 73 I was seriously doing light contact (30%) MMA fight training. The endless twisting was destroying my back, and I didn't know it. Finally, one day I just froze up in pain. The sports clinic could do nothing by order an x-ray and MRI, prescribe pain pills, and recommend vague "physical therapy". Whatever that means. I'm very much into natural health, eat a whole grain based diet, take supplements and hormones, don't have any bad habits, fast every week, don't take Rx drugs, and the gym is my second home. None of these things were going to heal my back though.

The MRI was hopelessly dismal! The word "severe" was used repeatedly. Two bulging discs, one thin disc, bone spurs, spinal arthritis, severe deterioration everywhere. It all seemed hopeless. I bought a wheelchair to get around in. I used the electric carts in the stores. Sex was out the window. I was a cripple now! Acupuncture and chiropractic were of some help, but not the kind you need to get well again. I had no idea real laser therapy- not cold laser- was so effective. Real lasers as in 12 watts and higher. I found the Laser Therapy center in Wilmington.

Within two months I was walking normally again and lifting weights carefully. No more fight training! For 20 years I've had chronic back pain. You know the kind where you get out of bed and you hurt. You work too hard and you hurt. Well, not only am I functioning normally now, but THERE IS NO MORE BACK PAIN. I didn't ask for this much, or expect this much. My back simply doesn't hurt anymore. My program is complete, but I'm going back in like six months and do this again so my back will be even stronger and not deteriorate with age.

- Roger M.

I developed neuropathy in my feet from radiation I did for cancer treatments. Because I could not feel my feet I became unstable walking.

After doing treatments at Laser Healing Therapy I regained the feeling in my feet. I am now walking normally again.

Barry Boyce and his group were very professional and they were great at working around my schedule.

- David S. Murphy

Bed Sore
Suffered for 3 months with this horrible bed sore. Many treatments from a wound clinic over 90 days brought no results. All their antibiotics failed me. I was told it was going septic and should prepare for the worst. Get my affairs in order. Barry Boyce came to my home and treated the sore over the next three months period. The laser healed it and frankly saved my life. Photos are actual results. For obvious reasons I prefer not to give my name. Full permission was granted to Barry to post this, by me.
If you are suffering from any type wound that will not heal, contact Barry Boyce at LaserHealingTherapy.com

The treatments are painless, FDA cleared and bring miraculous results as you can see.


- Happy Client

Rheumatoid Arthritis
90% of swelling is gone after treatments, however, the swelling will continue to be reduced as blood flow has been restored. Patient was delighted with results and able to use that wrist and mobility of hand was restored!



These are pictures of rheumatoid arthritis before and after being treated with the laser. Our laser therapy is very effective in treating osteoporosis arthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis. This patient could use their hand once again.

- Happy Client

Peripheral Neuropathy From Type 2 Diabetes
This patients badly swollen left ankle is the result of Type 2 Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy. There is redness in her toes and her skin is in poor condition as very little circulation is returned to the heart. With laser treatment condition of the ankle and foot are greatly improved.


- Happy Client

Barry has gotten 80% of my feeling back in my knee and leg following my knee replacement that I required after taking a bullet. I have virtually no pain now. Cannot wait to start this campaign to help other local veterans as well! kim

- Kim Munley

"Since having Healing Laser Therapy, my quality of life has improved. I am sleeping better, taking less pain medication, and overall feeling happier. The Laser Healing Therapy staff are compassionate and knowledgeable."

- Teri, Wilmington

It's been more than a year since I limped into your office in some pretty bad pain. Now I'm offshore catching Mahi with no knee pain!! Really want to take a minute and say thank you to you and your laser for all your help, you greatly improved my quality of life. I tell everyone that will listen about the amazing treatment that you provide.

- Roger Jones



“As a retired Army Colonel, marching in stiff combat boots in Vietnam, serving as a military police officer and West Point Honor Guard, hip, back and feet problems were inevitable. Years after having my hip replaced, pain was still a daily event. Not wanting more surgery or taking pain medications, I tried Laser Healing Therapy and was surprised at the results.
After two laser treatments on the hip, my pain levels went down from a daily 9 out of 10 to a tolerable 4, which has made it easier for me to walk, sit and sleep more comfortably without medication.
As an African American, surgery can leave a darkened scar called a keloid. At the end of my treatments, my wife (a retired RN) noted that the area was much lighter in color and the scar line was thinner and smoother. An added bonus with Laser Healing Therapy!
I would recommend this non-surgical healing therapy to anyone desiring to be free from pain without taking pain pills.”


- John

footSurgery1  footSurgery2  footHeal1  footHeal2

Update March 2020
It has been three years since my foot was treated by my father, Barry Boyce the owner of Laser Healing Therapy. I have zero issues with my foot, still no pain, no abnormalities or restrictions in any sports activity. I truly feared and was told by surgeons at the time, this may cause problems down the road. It has not caused me any issues and now starting a career after graduation, I feel very lucky my dad has an in depth knowledge about this incredible technology.

On the 4th of July in 2016, while climbing aboard a boat using a ladder the step broke and sliced the arch of my foot very deeply. I was taken to the hospital, where the surgeon who stitched me up said a wound down as deep as mine would take up to 3 months to properly heal. However, thanks to the use of Laser Healing Therapy’s lasers I was able to safely walk without crutches in less than four weeks!

- Nick Boyce

Before and After Pictures

Brown Recluse Bite

Before Laser Treatments  After Laser Treatments
This is my elbow after a brown recluse spider bite. After being treated with the laser for two weeks the bite was gone. Picture is worth a thousand words!

- RB, Wilmington, NC