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What is laser therapy and how does it work to treat chronic pain?

    1. Harvard Medical School, The University of Colorado Medical School, MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, Duke and many others worldwide have clinical proof that our type of laser increases blood flow to any area it is placed on the skin. As the beam passes through blood vessels, it triggers a compound called nitric oxide contained inside red blood cells to release into the bloodstream. This gas makes the vessels expand so more blood flow comes to the painful area. Everything needed to create a healing process is in your blood!

Most painful areas have inflammation or swelling reducing blood flow and thus restricting healing. With each treatment more blood flow is restored and the body begins to wash away the inflammation and exit it out, via our natural waste process.

Pain killers numb the entire body, the brain especially. Therefore they must numb our immune system from functioning properly. Common sense. True or false? You decide.

    1. In May of 2014, Harvard Medical School proved that our type of laser stimulates the body to release and redirect more of your stem cells to the painful area. Stem cells are what heal the entire body. It is now documented, proven science that after any area of the body has been treated by our laser, within a 48 hour period, there is a 100% increase in the stem cell count in your blood stream. The immune system redirects more of those cells to the areas treated by the laser. Increased blood flow boosts and up-scales the body's ability to heal damaged nerves. Makes common sense! Neurologists say that 99% of chronic pain is damaged nerves.

This profound technology has been in the workings since the first low level laser was manufactured in 1960. That was 58 years ago.

Our laser triggers the same response from the immune system but without any chance of more trauma to any already painful area. After 30 years of clinical trials and use the FDA says there is no harm to patients or any known long term side effects. So depending on the condition treated, with each application blood flow is increased, more stem cells come to repair the area and endorphins are released and the healing process is re-stimulated over and over. These multiple treatments trigger the healing process to become automatic as the immune system begins to take over in the last weeks of treatments. The effect of the laser will continue for one and a half to even two months after the treatments cease. Some patients have healed for up to 6 months.

  1. Inside our blood stream neutral stem cells circulate all the time. They are called undifferentiated lymphocyte cells. We focus the laser on the body following the medically established protocol for our laser. This triggers the painful area “almost like a magnet” to retain more stem cells to remain and begin a healing process with each treatment. All of our protocols are FDA-approved. Hundreds and hundreds of actual patient treatments results have been submitted by our laser manufacture to the FDA for their approval.

U.S. National Institutes of Health. Published in clinicaltrials.gov #nct01006408 this direct quote

“These lasers do not burn or cut, but instead penetrate into the skin. This process has multiple effects on cells and can enhance the body's natural regenerative functions. It can stimulate the release of endorphins and collagen. Endorphins work as “natural pain relievers”.

The following is a direct quote from Harvard Medical School “a Harvard-led team is the first to demonstrate the ability to use low-power light to trigger stem cells inside the body to regenerate tissue”.


For 30 years, the technology was termed “low level laser therapy" or cold laser therapy. Try Googling pubmed.gov in the search box. This is the National Library of Medicine where all clinical trials and research are posted. Then put in that new term, “photobiomodulation”.

How long are the treatments?

Depending on the painful condition, from 10 to 45 minutes each treatment. There are multiple treatments each week and we continue for 5 to 6 weeks with most issues.

Are the treatments painful?

No. Patients only feel the warmth of the infrared beam as it passes 5 to 6 inches into the body. “kinda like implanting an electric blanket inside you” one patient remarked. “Feels very nice”.

There is no recovery time. You walk in and walk out. Unlike surgery and weeks of painful physical therapy, this has zero downtime, which is key if you are working or have a busy schedule. Plus no scar tissue, which further inhibits blood flow and healing.

Are There Negative Side-effects?

More than 30 years of experimental and clinical research shows, that Low Level Lasertherapy is free of side-effects. The FDA(Food and Drug Administration) has ruled Low Level Lasertherapy as a therapy causing no harm to the patients. Light therapy is being used by Government agencies such as NASA for treating medical conditions in space applications.

Does It Go Through The Body or Cause Cancer?

In general, laser radiation is not in itself harmful, and behaves much like ordinary light in its interaction with the body.

Do I have to come back over and over?

No, in the majority of conditions, since this triggers a natural healing process.

What conditions do you treat?


The FDA has cleared our treatment for Alzheimer’s. Read the documented evidence from Frontiers in Systems Neurosciences by Dr. Gonzales-Lima and Dr. Douglas Barrett, Dept. of Psychology and Institute for Neuroscience. This is brilliant!!

Direct quote, “Discovering that Transcranial Infrared Laser Stimulation produces beneficial effects on frontal cortex functions such as sustained attention, working memory, and effective state has been groundbreaking”.


Therefore, if you suffer from PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and/or TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury this could help. Watch our video of Dr. Thomas Burke of University of Colorado and his results on two war fighters. Brain scans before and after laser treatments showed remarkable improvement. We use the same FDA-cleared protocol to treat Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Website for PTSD success

Yes, it is treatable and this technology is very effective, showing an 85 to 90% dramatic reduction in pain and inflammation. This was one of my conditions that I suffered for 40 years in both thumb joints. My treatments were done five years ago and the pain and arthritis are still gone!
Brown Recluse Spider bite

Very effective and no degeneration of skin tissue which can result in painful skin grafts. No antibiotics.
Carpal Tunnel

Better results than surgery, as no scar tissue is created. No lost time from work, no recovery period, no pain, no loss of income and no painful physical therapy. Sounds too good to be true, but medical science says it is. The increased blood flow and a 100% increase in your own stem cells to the treated area repairs the damaged tissue, muscles, and blood vessels via a natural healing process. These are documented medical facts as to how these painless, non-invasive devices trigger the immune system to heal the body naturally.
Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome or RSD-Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

This condition is often the result of severe injuries such as sports injuries or automobile accidents like whiplash. The nerves from your cervical vertebra c5, c6, c7, and c8 extend down to your fingertips. This is why it hurts from your neck to your fingers. Or you can have pain extending down your Sciatic Nerves to your feet.
Tennis Elbow
We use the Arthritis protocol, since Epicondylitis is Osteoarthritis in your elbow.

Hip Joint pain or Brusitis

Even if bone-on-bone the laser can trigger the rebuilding of the cartilage in your joint, preventing hip replacement. Plus, there is almost always pain from Arthritis. Both issues can be resolved in 85 to 90% of cases. Even if you have had hip replacement already, the laser was designed to treat and heal damaged nerves, which is what causes your pain. No drug or surgery can regenerate injured nerves. However, the laser can accomplish this
Knee pain

The majority of knee pain is worn cartilage that allows the nerves to get pinched between the bone joints, simply referred to as bone-on-bone. Just like in your hip, the laser triggers more blood flow which greatly reduces inflammation so more stem cells can rebuild the cartilage naturally. This separates the nerves from being pinched by the bone-on-bone contact.

What about after Knee Replacement

Our local, national hero, Kim Munley still had severe pain after her complete knee replacement from the Ft. Hood Massacre that she stopped, saving so many lives. Kim is now the National President of the non-profit “Step Up For Soldiers”, headquartered here in Wilmington, NC. She raises more than $250,000 each year, which stays with our local veterans. You can make a contribution to support their wonderful work right now at stepupforsoldiers.org
Back pain

About 90% of this condition is in the Lumbar region. I had a degenerated disc in 20l1 for 45 years. My laser treatments greatly increased blood flow, thus bringing a 100% increase of new stem cells to rebuild the disc and heal the constant pain. My lower back is healed, the Arthritis in both thumbs is gone and a damaged nerve in my spinal column was regenerated. It has been over 5 years now and I have regained my life and no longer live in constant pain. This was the primary reason I came out of retirement to start this clinic and share this technology with so many patients that we have very successfully treated.
Post laminectomy you can still get treated, just requires more treatments

Is your pain the same or worse after surgery? It is so common that there is a term for it, “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome”

This is a direct quote from Dr. Charles Rosen, Clinical Professor at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine, “An enormous number of back surgeries don’t give patients long term relief”. orthopaedicsurgery.uci.edu

In the US, more than 1,150,000 people go under the knife for spinal problems every year, a rate double-that of most developed countries and five-times-that of the United Kingdom, says Dr. Deyo. Yet the outcomes have been no better. Maybe 5-percent of patients with back pain need surgery,” says Dr. Rosen. Americans spend nearly 86 billion per-year on spinal surgery, on par with cancer treatments.

So why not consider laser therapy that is painless, non-invasive, and has a very high success rate in healing the nerves that cause the back pain, not to mention per the FDA 30 years regulation and oversight saying, no known long term side effects. Almost too good to be true, right? But millions have been treated in the USA and worldwide to document this statement.

In most cases, chronic pain is from some sort of medical condition like back pain, arthritis or an injury to our body — such as an old sports injury or injuries sustained during a car wreck — that never heal properly.

Why doesn’t the source of chronic pain heal?

Scientific, evidence-based research indicates that some of the nerve cells, muscle cells, tissue cells, etc. are too damaged to replicate a new, healthy cell. Thus, they replicate damaged cells and not normal, healthy cells. Research has proven that these cells cannot get enough energy through the mitochondria within that tiny cell to create a new, non-damaged or normal cell.

The mitochondria is the generator of energy within a cell. Normally, it absorbs glucose in our blood stream from the digestion of the food we eat to create this energy source. But, when damaged, it cannot get the energy it needs.

What does pain medication really do for us?

In most cases they numb the nervous system, which allows us to function with less pain. However, these medications also numb all body functions like breathing, brain function, digestion, circulation, etc. They are very effective in mitigating pain and easing suffering, however will never absolve the source of pain and can eventually lead to dependencies as well as resistances. Long term pain management through medication usually leads to higher and higher doses of said medication.

This is the primary function that differentiates our laser treatments from pain management. Instead, our laser treats the conditions causing the pain.