What causes chronic pain?

In most cases, chronic pain is from some sort of medical condition like back pain, arthritis or an injury to our body — such as an old sports injury or injuries sustained during a car wreck — that never heals properly.

Why doesn’t the source of chronic pain heal?

Scientific, evidence-based research indicates that some of the nerve cells, muscle cells, tissue cells, etc. are too damaged to replicate a new, healthy cell. Thus, they replicate damaged cells and not normal, healthy cells. Research has proven that these cells cannot get enough energy through the mitochondria within that tiny cell to create a new, non-damaged or normal cell.

The mitochondria is the generator of energy within a cell. Normally, it absorbs glucose in our blood stream from the digestion of the food we eat to create this energy source. But, when damaged, it cannot get the energy it needs.

What does pain medication really do for us?

In most cases they numb the nervous system, which allows us to function with less pain. However, these medications also numb all body functions like breathing, brain function, digestion, circulation, etc. They are very effective in mitigating pain and easing suffering, however will never absolve the source of pain and can eventually lead to dependencies as well as resistances. Long term pain management through medication usually leads to higher and higher doses of said medication.

This is the primary function that differentiates our laser treatments from pain management. Our laser treats the conditions causing the pain.

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