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We at Laser Healing Therapy are committed to giving you relief from the chronic pain that has plagued you. Personally, we are on a mission. We want everybody to know the benefits of laser healing therapy. Say NO to surgery, NO to pain medication and NO to consistent, debilitating discomfort and pain. Find out what Laser Healing Therapy can do for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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The History of Laser Healing

Laser healing is known by many names — Cold Laser Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Laser Therapy, Biostimulation — but, generally, the same concept exists behind them all. Laser healing is not an entirely new process, though it may sound unfamiliar. Shortly after lasers were discovered in the 1960s, science began discovering more and more amazing purposes that lasers could accommodate, with pain therapy being one of them. Laser therapy has been used for wound healing and reducing pain, inflammation and swelling for years and in millions of cases. In the basest sense, laser healing promotes healthy, natural healing of damaged cells by inducing a photochemical reaction that ignites the healing process, known as either biostimulation or photobiomodulation. Just like the sun’s rays spark growth and healing in all earth’s organisms (ourselves included) the concentrated presence of light of our laser, and the energy that is contained within, can be used to promote healing in specific areas of our bodies that have sustained damage.



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